jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Trying to Make Sense of Closed Doors

This past week has been mostly pretty uneventful. We have really just been hanging out at home. I exposed Natali to the original Star Wars trilogy. This is now the second time I have had the privilege of watching these movies with someone who was 100% taken by surprise at the classic plot twists that most people who haven't even seen the movies know and take for granted. Very entertaining.
The main events of the week revolved around watching a door that seemed to finally have opened slam shut. Without going into too much detail, the American couple who was staying with us had been trying for many years to help one of the deaf children in a very special way. Over and over, each door seemed to close. This time, it seemed as though they had finally succeeded in taking an important step when another door slammed shut in their faces. Something about this door seemed much more final. Serious and long-lasting consequences became a possibility, and the American couple knew it was time to let this go. With extremely heavy hearts, they realized that what they had been trying to do was not going to be possible. They returned home confused and broken-hearted, but sure that this was God giving the final "no." I have to be honest with all of you, I'm not sure I would have been strong enough to accept "no" as an answer at this point. They had put so much time, energy, and resources into this. They had sacrificed so much. To some, their acceptance of the situation may have seemed like a lack of persistence or a lack of caring. To me, it demonstrated the strength of their faith and their trust in the Lord. I can only pray that when faced with closed doors, I will have the same faith and trust to keep my eyes on the Lord and trust in His perfect plan for eternal glory, even if I never see the good in my lifetime.
I found this blog entry by Daira Curran that really resonated with this situation. I have kept this post short (or I intended to…) so that you will hopefully have time to read it. http://purposecity.com/insights/why-god-may-be-closing-doors/
For those of you who may be encountering closed door after closed door, I hope you can find comfort in knowing that our Father is a Good Father, and His ways are perfect. We may not understand His plans or His ways, but our perspective is so limited. He can see everything from beginning to end. If we expect to understand everything that God does, then we do not truly believe Him to be the awesome God that He is.

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